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Short Stories
Ken has wandered far from the tip of Africa, the place of his birth, to the far end of the planet where the sun rises first and smiles kindly on the Islands of Aotearoa - New Zealand.
Being the youngest in a colourful family and spending large portions of his early childhood locked up in a hot car parked somewhere in Africa with an empty coke bottle for company left Ken with no option but to develop a wild and fertile imagination. The world walked past that car and he developed a keen eye for character and setting as he watched comedy, tragedy and sometimes death play out before him. When not in the car, he'd either listen to stories on the radio or create his own narratives.

Ken has continued to soak up stories from all corners of the planet having travelled to every continent before coming to rest in 1993 on the best piece of land the universe has to offer. He loves to share these experiences and seldom allows truth to wreck an entertaining story. However, in the spirit of post modernism, it all weaves together for good.

When questioned under oath or threat of inflicted pain, he will confess to being a teacher of mathematics and physics; once a door to door salesman selling second hand dentures; happily married to Cheryl; proud father of James and Ceridwen and owner of a nyctophobic cat, Connie.

Woolf Fisher Fellow
Inaugural winner
Jill Marshall, Michael King
Writer's Residency
Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award Finalist
Short Stories